30-day minimalism challenge

What value do my words have if I don’t take action and start practicing what I preach? So isn’t there a better way to start than with a challenge? The challenge is called the 30-day minimalism game. I’m not planning to play this game with anyone else but myself, but if anyone else wants to join – please do! It would motivate me even more. Every day for 30 days I will get rid of things that no longer give meaning to my life. To “get rid” of things, meaning: to give away, sell or to throw things away. I will get rid of one thing the first day, two things on the second day, three things on the third…and 30 things on the last day! I’m not a mathematician, but I think that means that I will be getting rid of 465 things by the 9th of March! Do I have that many things? I probably have, but it would make this challenge so much easier if my things weren’t spread out in four different places on two continents! Well, I need to start somewhere and why not start with the messiest place of all:

Day 1

So today, the first thing I’m getting rid of is: a pair of white trousers, which are starting to look slightly yellow after hanging in the wardrobe for many ( I mean many) years. Someone told me once that if you haven’t used something after one year, then you should let it go. I think these pants are beyond their time.16651828_10154100892426436_1249138765_n


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