Day 2

Ok, so far no problem at all. I easily found another two things in my heavily packed wardrobe that I don’t need.

I was just wondering if it’s wasteful to get rid of all the things that I’m planning to get rid of in the next 30 days? However, it’s probably more wasteful NOT to give the things I don’t need to someone else and “the waste doesn’t come from getting rid of something — the waste came in the past, when you bought it in the first place”.

It’s interesting how the mind works. Even though I’m not using these clothes I’m aware of my thoughts that tell me: “Oh, but you might want to wear it one day, maybe you should keep it, just a little bit longer?”

Yes, I have thrown away clothes before that I later wished that I had kept: I can remember ONE item of clothes that I got rid of that I wished I had kept for a bit longer. Although, perhaps I wanted to hold on to it because of the memories that were attached to it? But how would it look like if we held on to all the things that we have memories attached to? It would mean that we would need to keep EVERYTHING that we have accumulated over the years…so no. Memories are kept inside your head and your heart and there is no point ruminating about things that we can’t do anything about. Once we let go, we need to accept. Accept and move on.



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