Day 8 – Spending time in nature

I can’t believe that I had three pairs of shoes lying around in some deep corner of a closet – all with holes in them. It’s amazing how difficult it is to let go of things that you know that you won’t need or can’t use anymore. Once I stop clinging on to things and let go of attachment I feel free.


I walk barefoot over the rocks and gravel, where each step is like a drumbeat that connects me to rhythm of the earth. I go swimming in a waterhole with cold, refreshing water that clears my mind and I can almost feel the skin of my body inhale new air into the cells. Listening to the waterfall hitting the rocks down in the valley, with the faint sound of black cockatoos in the background, it is the kind of music that only nature can produce. Looking out over the edge of a cliff makes me feel alive and even more aware of the majestic, wooded mountains that surround the valley where the waterfall hits the rocks.

Today I spent time in nature. I’m a nature lover. Maybe because of the serene environment that makes me feel whole again. Maybe because it gives me an opportunity to get away from the hustle-bussle of everyday life. Maybe because it gives me an opportunity to just be. Maybe because of its profound simplicity. Whatever it is, I know that spending time with Mother Nature reminds me of how less possessions brings me closer to the important things in life.


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