Day 13 – The art of being content

“What we need is another great leap forward, abandoning the economics of scarcity and the fear of losing out – and move into a renewed relationship of gratitude and appreciation with the world”.

In an article published in The Conversation in 2015, Leon Robinson talks about the impact our consumer culture has on the earth and its resources. Humans consume more and faster than the earth can replenish itself and with the growing life expectancy around the world we continue to compete for ever scarcer resources. Robinson argues that this desire for a consumer life is an illusion. He compares the Western concept of teaching, which is characterised by adding knowledge and skills to the learner, with the Hindu conception of a guru. The guru’s teaching consists of removing illusions and ignorance, leaving only what is real, true and beautiful.

Furthermore, there is a need to develop a better understanding of a good life, well lived – that satisfaction and contentment are closely linked to the idea of having enough.



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