Day 14 – kinder surprise

It’s amazing how much junk that sits in a corner of a drawer or inside a cabinet, or on top of a shelf somewhere. I notice useless stuff everywhere that doesn’t fill any function whatsoever…why do we collect all this junk? Why is it so hard to get rid of it?

Today I found a calendar from 2015, untouched, I haven’t used it at all.

I found three kinder egg toys inside a drawer…when did I last open a kinder egg?

I found another necklace from childhood.

I found a pile of brochures from 2012 and there is no way I’m going to use them again.

I found a pile of business cards that I have no use for.

I decided to get rid of a box, which was once used to present my engagement ring, a box that’s been sitting on top of the chest of drawers for one year and seven months, a box that I thought would come in handy one day…really? The ring is now sitting on my finger, I can’t imagine myself putting back the ring inside this box???

I decided to get rid of some old birthday cards, valentine’s cards and christmas cards. I must admit that I still have at least double the amount of cards left in the “memory box” on the bottom shelf of the book case. They are too sentimental for me to get rid of. However, one day I will scan them, take photos of them and keep them that way. It will happen. One day.

I decided to get rid of a glass jar with soil, grains, sand and stones that I once created at a workshop. It used to have a plant in it, now its only purpose is to collect dust inside the cabinet in the kitchen.

I found a plastic jar on the window shelf, containing a few shells with a thick layer of dust on them. Should I keep the jar and get rid of the shells? What can I use the jar for? Should I throw it all away? These are simple questions to which I’m somehow struggling to answer.




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