Day 15 – half way there

Righto, I’m half way through the 30-day challenge. Fifteen days to go! However, it also means that I’ve got another 294 items to get rid of…

Today I’m chucking away some old scrap paper, calendars, cd’s, note books and study notes. I know I’m meant to get rid of 15 things, but 15 sheets of paper sound I’ve put all the papers that I don’t need anymore into a pile, which will be counted as one thing. Some of the note books I’ve also counted as one. So even if it may seem like I’ve only collected four things (four piles) or a lot more than 15 things (counting each individual paper sheet), in my imagination these are 15 “things” all together.

This minimalism challenge is really good! Today I went to the Foragers markets in Bulli, which has become somewhat of a weekly habit that I enjoy as it brings the community together. I don’t mind buying things from here because what I buy is usually food and vegetables, supporting local farmers and businesses. Today I also felt a sense of contentment at the time when I was wondering if I should have a look through some of the other stalls that sell clothes. Then I reminded myself of the challenge and I felt a sense of contentment. I don’t need to buy anything right now. I’m happy with what I’ve got – and I also have to remind myself that I’ve still got more than I need and that I’ve still got 15 days to go!

Later on my eyes caught sight of an area full of second hand stuff. After speaking to one of the stall managers I found out that anyone can put up a stall for a small donation. So I’m keeping this in my mind. In the next few weeks, who knows, I might give it ago myself!




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