Day 20 – Urban tumbleweeds

Plastic bags may be useful in the supermarket land,

To carry our groceries,

When we lack a free hand,


But what happens next, after their purpose is fulfilled?

They end up polluting the oceans,

And crowding our landfills,


Wouldn’t it be nice,

If the earth didn’t have to pay such a high price,

For our consumer habits in our daily life?


These urban tumbleweeds make their way out to sea,

And can easily get carried away,

Left flapping from a tree,


Whales washed up on our coasts,

Their bellies full of plastic,

Isn’t there a better way to treat our water hosts?


Wouldn’t it be fantastic,

If sea turtles would no longer gag,

On a mass-produced supermarket bag?


Plastic is made from fossil fuel sources,

Such as petroleum,

And other non-renewable resources,


So let’s think twice before we order,

A cheap, plastic bottle,

That bleeds chemicals into the water,


And when we go shopping, let’s bring our own bag,

To carry our groceries,

When we lack a free hand.




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