Day 21 – only 9 days and 204 things left to go…

My 30-day challenge is almost over, in less then 10 days. However, whilst I’ m getting closer to the end, the number of things that I have to get rid of is increasing, which makes each day more difficult. Although, so far I have somehow managed to put together a new pile of stuff every day, always adding one more thing. Only nine days to go…but in these nine days I need to find another 204 things to get rid of…

In the pile that I have put together today there is a pillow, a couple of towels, several documents and an ALDI-bag. This bag is supposed to represent a bunch of other shopping bags (12 in total) that I’ve recently packed away. I forgot to take a photograph of them all, but they still count!

Don’t worry, I’m not going back to plastic bags, I still have a bunch of other bags that I can use of when I go shopping. Why keep so many when I only use a few???




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