Day 22 – “Should you bamboo?”

I found an interesting video about the story of microfibres. It’s about the dark side of synthetic fabrics (and plastic). It made me wonder what the majority of my clothes consist of? Probably cotton..and polyester – or in other words: synthetics.

This made me wonder what other types of clothing material can we use that is more environmentally friendly?

I heard that bamboo textiles are supposed to be environmentally friendly and biodegradable. After doing a little bit of research myself and after watching this youtube clip about the positives and negatives of bamboo, I think I must agree that clothes made from bamboo (the natural fibre) is one of the more sustainable textiles out there.

Some of the positive traits of bamboo fibre include:

  • positive impact on greenhouse gases
  • sustainable harvesting methods
  • low water consumption
  • naturally pest resistant
  • does not require chemicals for growth
  • biodegradable

Also, from own experience of bamboo: It’s really comfortable to wear!



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