Day 23 – Bits and pieces

I wish I had all my other stuff back in Sweden right here right now so that I had more stuff to choose from in next last seven days of my 30-day challenge…I should have made it a 20-day challenge. This is getting really difficult…

So difficult that I’ve even started clearing up my partner’s office..and wow – that is a challenge of its own!

I’ve put together a pile of stuff (mainly folders and old documents) on the floor so that he can tell me if I’m allowed to throw it all away…I think he got too much stuff and that he needs a bit of help cleaning up! However, I’m also doing it for my own mental wellbeing – it’s painful walking into that office and to see all the makes me want to run out again and close the door behind me so that I don’t accidentally turn my gaze towards the mess. There is some serious blockages of “QI” in there…

If I had free reign in that room I would do a sweeping movement with my arm on the desk and then use a massive broom to swipe it all out of the house!

The picture below displays a few different odd things that I’ve managed to put together into a new pile. The question is, how many “odd” things do I have left in the house that I can get rid of???




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