Between day 23 and 24

So far I have got rid of 276 things in this house. I’ve got 7 more days to go until I finish my 30-day challenge. Sometimes it’s good to stop and look back to see what you have achieved before moving on. I have realised that I don’t actually own many things, I’m already living quite a minimalistic lifestyle. Yes, I probably have a few more items of clothes that I could get rid of and I probably have a few more books I could throw away but in terms of furniture, kitchen utilities, ornaments, cars and technical devices, I actually don’t own much. In this world today, assets in terms of properties, cars and the luxurious extras are signs of financial success and security. If I would start comparing myself with people who value material possessions the most, and with those who own two properties, two cars and the latest gadgets, I would feel very unsuccessful compared to those people. However, when I look at my life, which is a life rich in adventures and experiences and when I realise that the things I value in life has nothing to do with material possessions, then I would consider myself as very rich and successful.

Between my partner and I we share one car. We don’t own any properties. We have one outdoor table and one indoor table and between those two tables we share four chairs (we never got around buying another set of chairs for the kitchen table, then we realised that we don’t actually need another set of chairs). The living room has a couch, a rug, a living room table, a bookshelf full of books and a TV. The only room in this house which is cluttered and needs a clean up is the office, which is my partner’s territory…thank God there is a plant in that office that keeps bringing some good energy into that room!

So, what’s next? I’m still waiting for day 24 to come, the day when I will enter that cluttered territory and start clearing some space.


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